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Riotoro believe that, to be truly successful in business and in life, they must be honest and open with their customers, their suppliers, their distributors and their employees; in short their stakeholders. Riotoro refuse to mislead, steal, deceive, or exaggerate the facts or truth of a matter in any way, so they can build trust among all their stakeholders. In other words, at RIOTORO THERE IS NO BULL!
The Next Generation
Riotoro are fiercely innovative and passionate in everything they do. At Riotoro they see the future as a new and exciting adventure. Their vision of innovation started with a simple idea: energize computer hardware development. Riotoro's products are forged by the next generation of innovators, ideas, ways of working and innovative options in computer hardware. Their engineering and design team are constantly looking for different ways to innovate and deliver unparalleled customer focused experince.
More is More
The more different you are, the better! Riotoro understand that diversity is not a problem to be solved, but is an asset to be developed. Their culture successfully motivates and generates the highest productivity of all teams and team members, across lines including ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, age, political affiliation, and disability. At Riotoro, differences are not merely tolerated, but valued as promoting creativity, innovation and maximization of individual potential.
Customers Talk, They Listen
The core of Riotoro's business evolves around customer experiences when interacting with their products. They exist because of their customers; their purpose is to provide excitement, absolute positive interactions and socialization when using their products. From design to technical support and every step in between, Riotoro formalize customer feedback by integrating it into their goals, key performance indicators, and standards.