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CyberPower with Pure Sine Wave output safeguards mid- to high-end computer systems, servers and networking hardware that use conventional and Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) power supplies. Designed with GreenPower UPS™ Technology to improve operating efficiency and to minimize energy consumption, this UPS delivers significant energy cost savings over conventional UPS systems. The UPS provides Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to maintain safe voltage levels for connected equipment. Featured data line protection guards phones, networks, and communication equipment against surges/spikes and other power irregularities. With multifunction LCD display, users can access information of power/battery conditions and configure advanced settings, including alert of potential power problems and self-test with a single push of a button.

Active PFC Compatible

The equipment with active power factor correction (PFC) design requires Pure Sine Wave source. The UPS provides pure sine wave to meet the requirement of the equipment, enhancing system efficiency and saving electricity costs.

Energy Saving Technology

The UPS adopts CyberPower's patented GreenPower UPS™ technology to enhance UPS operating efficiency, reduce heat generation, consume less power and save more energy costs than conventional UPS models.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

The UPS has built-in Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) function to regulate low voltages and over voltages when incoming utility power has fluctuations, thus providing consistent and reliable power to connected devices.

Multifunction LCD Readout

The LCD readout displays clear system information, such as power status, battery status, load status and more. It also features a user-friendly and intuitive interface, allowing users to easily manage and monitor the entire system.

USB Charging Port

The UPS comes with USB charging port to power electronic devices. The USB charging port is plug-and-play design for quick and immediate use, allowing users to conveniently employ USB port to power devices.

Surge-protected Outlets

The UPS outlets absorb surges and spikes caused by thunder and lightning, hence providing complete protection for equipment and devices.

Data Line Protection with High-speed Transmission

The UPS provides data line protection to absorb surges and spikes, while ensuring Ethernet data transmission speed up to 1Gbps for efficient data transfer.

PowerPanel® Cloud Solution

The solution offers a convenient cloud-based management which allows users to access and monitor the UPS systems through a secure web portal or mobile app anytime, anywhere.

WiFi 6 routers are 100% backwards compatible with WiFi 5 and older WiFi devices. While you may not get to experience WiFi 6 from day one, you can make sure that your network is ready for new devices with WiFi 6 sooner than later. Like-to-like, WiFi 6 increases the speed for even one device by 40% as compared to WiFi 5.

Wi-Fi Dead-Zone Killer

Eliminate weak signal areas with a single Wi-Fi network that covers every corner of your home with seamless roaming, adaptive routing and self-healing. No more searching around for a stable connection, whether you're in the basement, garage or yard.

True Seamless Roaming

Deco units work together to form one unified network with a single network name. Your phone or tablet automatically connects to the fastest Deco as you move through your home. The switching takes less than 0.3 second and is smooth and unnoticeable, creating a truly seamless online experience.


Wi-Fi 6 Mesh

Armed with Wi-Fi 6 technology,
Deco whole home mesh Wi-Fi is designed to deliver a huge boost in coverage, speed, and total capacity. Get on the latest mesh Wi-Fi to enjoy the future network that loads faster and connects more.


    Broader coverage


    More Connections


    Faster Wi-Fi 6 Speed

Wi-Fi + Powerline

Powerline connections utilize your home's electrical circuit to link Decos, bypassing even the thickest of walls and ceilings.

The dual-band Wi-Fi and powerline work together to transmit data between Deco units. The total network speed is greatly improved compared with using Wi-Fi only.

IoT Mesh

Unlike traditional smart hubs, TP-Link Mesh Technology provides whole-home IoT coverage with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee integrated into a single system.Enjoy the magic of your smart home in every room with TP-Link Mesh Technology. Say goodbye to countless hubs.

The only limits your Wi-Fi should have are the ones you choose for your family. TP-Link HomeCareTM powered by TrendMicroTM brings comprehensive security to every device on your network, automatically protecting them from cyber threats. With HomeCare, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a separate safety device like Cujo or Circle to add security to your network.

HomeCare keeps powerful parental controls, antivirus and QoS at your fingertips. And HomeCare is always on, working tirelessly to keep your network safe and sound. That’s a big reason why AV-Test Institute, an independent testing organization, ranked HomeCare first in the categories of protection, performance and usability.






Whole-home Coverage

High speed tri-band. Stable WiFi.

The ZenWiFi AX system consists of a pair of ASUS AX6600 WiFi 6 routers, featuring unique technologies that give you superfast, reliable and secure WiFi connections — inside or outside your home!

Flexible Network Naming

Uniquely, ZenWiFi AX lets you choose how you name your WiFi networks: a single name for everything, or separate names for each frequency band. The choice is yours!

Youtube Mismoosh link press here.

Make the Internet a
Safer Place for Everyone

AiProtection Pro with Advanced Parental Controls is free for life. It gives you total peace of mind, and you can keep an eye on everything that's happening on your network via the mobile app.

Commercial Grade Security
Advanced Parental Controls
No Subscription Fee

Some routers only offer 3 years of protection, ASUS AiProtection has you covered for the life of your product.

Protection Against Attacks

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) blocks all common internet-based attacks.

Block Access to Malicious Websites

AiProtection uses Trend Micro's official database to identify and block known malicious sites, preventing infection even before you click.

Infection Detection and Blocking

Even if an already-infected device is connected to ZenWiFi, AiProtection prevents any personal data on the device from being compromised.


Advanced Parental Controls

AiProtection has everything you need in one place: it's super-easy to view or change security settings on each of your family member's devices, so your kids can be safer when surfing!

Internet Activity Dashboard

View each family member's internet activity on a clear graphical dashboard showing the peak time and what kind of content they are viewing. You can group devices that belong to your children to view aggregated data and apply scheduled block times and content filters with just a few taps.

Kid-Safe Preset

Check the box when editing a device and profile, and the preset automatically applies filters for inappropriate content to all their devices.

Schedule Block Time

Reserve valuable family time or help your children develop responsible behavior by selecting scheduled time periods to block internet access on specific devices.

Content Filter

Block specific categories of mobile apps and websites, and apply these settings to all devices belonging to individual family members. The advanced filtering integrates Trend Micro's Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine to filter not only by website URL, but also by the internet packets themselves, which means it filters content viewed not only in a web browser, but also within mobile apps on your devices.

Through Engineering

ZenWiFi AX features a quad-core CPU to deliver the full performance potential of WiFi 6. Its vertical housing holds a specially designed antenna and circuit board that optimizes WiFi signal strength and provides better airflow, improving thermal performance for reliable operation.

Special designed vents for increased airflow
Double heatsink for maximized heat dissipation
45° antennas ensure strong WiFi in multi-story homes
Vertical housing with space between antennas and circuit board for minimal WiFi signal interference
Quad-core CPU (with WiFi) plus additional WiFi chipset
2.5G WAN/LAN port



I would like to introduce you to Windows 11. Sometimes I am asked if I have recently installed W10. And now . The Windows 11 update on your computer is free and will be released in stages by Microsoft. If you don't want to wait for that, we have a few iso files ready that you can download from our server. Keep in mind that you have to put it on a USB - DVD with, for example, this tool Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool. You can find this tool on the Microsoft Windows website. And also more information how to use.  If it has been moved again, no problem, you can download it  via our own server.

Windows 11 US UK UK EDITION Edition 1 Free ISO Download. soon online

Windows 11 US UK NL Edition 2 Free ISO Download. soon online

Windows 11 US UK  Editon 3 def with office Free ISO Download. soon online

Windows 10 US Edition 1 Free ISO Download. Soon online

Order USB: W11Edition 1 £20 + Sending + USB Stick( Kingston / Adata ) + Track and Trace

Order USB: W11Edition 2 £20 + sending + USB Stick( Kingston / Adata ) + Track and Trace

Order USB: W10 Edition 1 £20 + sending + USB Stick( Kingston / Adata) + Track and Trace

Order Retail OEM Edition Serial W10 PRO £150 Sending from Retail Microsoft Windows Pro Pack. + Free Windows 11 by update Microsoft.

We can also do your system installation., Please contact us.


Explanation of the different suffixes:
- No suffix = No other changes.
- MRP, same as MRP-HWID but without the automatic HWID activation.
- MRP - HWID, replaces the old KMS enabled versions. This is a variant of the standard Multi MRP-RETAiL Project specially adapted for .
It decides, depending on the circumstances, which activation method is used and as usual the MRP info and associated user images will be posted.

The script uses the following activation methods:

- HWID = Pre-activated through legitimate HWID (No more KMS activation is installed to generate the HWID!!!). HWIDs are generated during installation!
- OEM:DM = If an OEM:DM bioskey is present in BIOS (Read-out tool is present on the ISOs), officially activated and provided with the MRP user account images,
 backgrounds and info from the different manufacturers (100+ Brands). If an oem:dm bioskey is not present, the MRP images and info, based on the motherboard brand, will be placed.

  1. SLIC (Vista, 7 and Servers).
  2. MSDM (8.x/10) present in the BIOS.
  3. Retail key you own which can be entered via PID.txt to bypass any OEM SLP/MSDM method.

Supported Brands:

• #Acer • #Advent • #Action • #Alienware • #AOC • #Aquarius • #ASI •#ASRock • #Asus • #ATcomputers • #ASI • Bangho • Beko • BenQ • BGH-SA • ByteSpeed • Casper • CCE • chiliGREEN • Compaq • crea • CZC • Dell • Depo • digimix • ECS • eMachines • Epson • Equus • Everex • Excimer • EXO • Exper • Extra • Founder • FSC • Fujitsu • Gateway • Genuine • Gericom • Gigabyte • Greatwall • Haier • Hannspree • Hasee • Hampoo • HCL • Hedy • Higrade • HP • Hyrican • IBM • IdealMax(IntelBras) • Impression • Infinity • Insys • Intel • iQon • Itautec • Jetway • JooyonTech • Kohjinsha • Kouziro • Kraftway • KSystems • Lanix • Lenovo(Blue/Orange) • LG • M&A Technology • Maxdata • Mecer • Medion • Megaware • Mesh • Mitac • Mouse • MSI • NEC • Nokia • Olidata • Olivetti • Onkyo • OQO • Packard Bell • Panasonic • Paradigit • Paragon • Philco • Positivo • PowerSpec • Prolink • qbex • Quanmax • RMplc • Rover • Samsung • SCC • Semp Toshiba • Seneca • Sharp • Sony • Stone • Synnex • Systemax • Tangent • Targa • Tarox • TCL • TTL • Tongfang • Toshiba • Trigem • Twinhead • Velocity • Vestel • Viewsonic • viliv • WD Corporation • Wortmann • xplore • Zoostorm • ZT ~incl.

Branding only: Aorus • BioStar • Colorful • Foxconn • Howard • Intel • M$ Surface* • Novatech • OMEN • PeaQ • VirtualBox • VMware • Hyper-V • Supermicro • XEN • QEMU • ZOTAC

* This may not be branded correctly due to changes in DMI information on some MS Surface computers.

OEM's Branded = 148+
• BIOS Mode supported: Legacy MBR and/or UEFI GPT
• You can force install any of the supported brand themes by using the MRP Config Creator to select the theme you wish to any of the brands above, or 'Custom' in the list for your own customized branding then place the saved 'MRPConfig.ini' in the Scripts folder along side the DeCompile.exe etc. See ReadMe files for details.

Editions supported for OEM Activation see also Supported Brands: OEM:DM bioskey is present in BIOS (Read-out tool is present on the ISOs DLA = digital license activation )
• Server 2008 • Server 2008 R2 • Server 2012 • Server 2012 R2 {Note that on Server 2008 the Activation may not work due to other factors}
• Win10... • Home • Pro
• Win8.x... • Core • Pro
• Win7..... • Starter • Home Basic • Home Premium • Pro • Ultimate
• Vista..... • Starter • Home Basic • Home Premium • Business • Ultimate {Note that the Activation may not work due to other factors}

The Query Tool does a basic check on the computer it is run on to see if the main project will brand/activate that computer.

The important part is the summary section, this will indicate what branding will possibly be applied, (if the DMI has the required information), also what sort of LEGAL activation is possible ie SLIC (Vista/7/Some Server Editions), or MSDM (8.x/10).

The QT will also tell you your MSDM key, its brand name and what edition it is for.

When saving the report any sensitive information such as any Keys, MSDM table and tag numbers are omitted from the 'post-able' saved QT report so that if you need to post the report text file in the thread then no sensitive/personal information is shown.

The QT will now also save a 'PrivateCopy-QTvxxx.xx' text file to the desktop which contains ALL data such as keys, serial numbers etc, never post this file - that is for you own personal records.

If you save the report and there is a MSDM key present in your computer then the QT will also save the MSDM key into a separate text file called 'QT_MSDM-KeyInfo.txt' for your reference. This is YOUR key for that computer ONLY -- do not post it!



This for the Design Dev geeks:

This is what we use as a small part for companies like those with legislation and data protections and windows. Since we have partner agreements, you can see a bit of what we have done and what not.

Extra for designers,  You can use the MRP Configurator to create your own MRPConfig.ini file, see shot:

(configuration as in the release)

To use this you will have to replace the MRPConfig.ini file from the iso with the .ini file you generated
(or on the USB stick on which the ISO was extracted).

New options include removing more apps, see the options in the mrp configurator for more info!

GNU Operating System

Back to Windows 10: Did you install the update anyway and do you want to go back? You can, but you only have ten days to easily roll back the update while preserving settings and files (then go to 'Settings' > 'Update' > 'Restore'). You can also go back after that, but you have to manually run a backup and reinstall Windows 10.

Faster Gaming with PCIe Gen4.

Unleash the speed of PCIe 4.0 x4 with FireCuda 520 PCIe Gen4 SSD, our newest M.2 NVMe SSD built for pro-level gaming and nearly 45% faster than previous generations.

This solid-state gaming drive is out-of-the-box compatible with the new X570 chipset and easily plugs directly into any PCIe Gen4 motherboard for a compact performance boost to your PC build.

The Most Competitive Edge

NAND Acceleration Upgrade to PCIe Gen4 x4 on next-gen 3D TLC NAND in a M.2 2280 NVMe form factor, and sequential read/write up to 5,000/4,400 MB/s.

Leading Performance Dominate with a plug-and-play gaming storage boost that is backwards compatible with PCIe 3.0 platforms and AMD X570 chipset PCIe 4.0 motherboards.

Enviable Endurance Take advantage of a 5-year limited warranty, 1.8M hours MTBF, and up to 3,600 TB TBW (Total Bytes Written).

Level Up to Impressive

Standard drives won’t help you level up because they aren’t made for the sustained abuse of top-tier gaming.

FireCuda 510 SSD delivers durable speed for the long haul, and provides fast PC gaming storage speeds so you spend less time loading levels and maps, fewer seconds respawning, and reduced stuttering in open-world gaming.

Load Fast, Play Hard

Designed for speed, endurance, and capacity, FireCuda 120 can take everything PC games throw at it.

With up to 4 TB of space, maxed out SATA 6 Gb/s speeds, and the durability of up to 5,600 TB TBW (Total Bytes Written), this SSD plugs in and loads up quickly. Give your battlestation a boost, the FireCuda 120 is ready to play.

Benefit From SeaTools

SeaTools™ SSD is our free software that tests and analyses our drives. It is completely data safe and easily installs on your system.Features include:

  • Drive health monitoring
  • Drive performance monitoring
  • Firmware and software updates