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MISMOOSH LTD Digital Reward Card

When spending an MISMOOSH LTD Digital Reward Card you accept the terms and conditions below:

    • MISMOOSH LTD Digital Reward Cards awarded when buying a qualifying purchase on Mismoosh LTD are managed by our rewards partner,
    • Each transaction is subject to various fraud checks and MISMOOSH LTD.com reserves the right to refuse an order if the payment is subject to additional verification or scrutiny or for any other reason, without providing explanation.
    • MISMOOSH LTD Digital Reward Cards will be sent to the email address stated in the individual order following the qualifying period.
    • Provided you do not cancel your Pay Monthly contract within your 14-day change of mind grace period or return your phone within 30 days due to it being faulty, you will automatically receive the MISMOOSH LTD Digital Reward Card by email following this 30-day period. If you do not receive your MISMOOSH LTD Digital Reward Card within 5 days of this grace period ending, please contact
    • The value of your MISMOOSH LTD Digital Reward Card is specific to the deal you selected on MISMOOSH LTD and is available to view on your confirmation email.
    • Where possible Third parties will try to meet all delivery requirements but neither Third parties nor MISMOOSH LTD shall be liable for any loss incurred either directly or indirectly by failure to meet the requested delivery date. 'Loss' in this instance includes any loss of profit, costs, damages, charges, other expenses, consequential losses and non-financial losses.
    • Risk will pass to the customer upon delivery. Neither nor MISMOOSH LTD has any liability for lost, stolen or damaged MISMOOSH LTD Digital Reward Cards once risk has passed to the customer at time of email delivery.
    • MISMOOSH LTD Digital Reward Cards cannot be returned or refunded, except in accordance with your legal statutory rights.
    • Third parties is not directly linked to MISMOOSH LTD or any MISMOOSH LTD company and Third parties cannot take responsibility for products and services offered by MISMOOSH LTD or MISMOOSH LTD Mobile companies. In addition, MISMOOSH LTD shall not be responsible for services offered by third parties and its associated companies.
    • The collection and management of your credit card data and personal information which is collected, processed and managed is solely used for sending and managing the reward and to authorise payment. Privacy Policy can be found .
    • MISMOOSH LTD Digital Reward Card values should be checked immediately upon receipt. Any discrepancies must be notified immediately to MISMOOSH LTD Customer Service by calling or email  Neither MISMOOSH LTD nor Third parties can be held responsible for any shortage or loss of any MISMOOSH LTD Digital Reward Cards not notified to Third parties within 14 working days of email delivery, or the specified delivery date in respect of lost cards.
    • Third parties cannot be held responsible for failure to meet its service obligations when any failure is brought about due to a cause totally beyond its reasonable control, for example: acts of God, trade disputes; governmental intervention, fire, flood, and disruption to computer and IT infrastructure.
    • Breach of these terms and conditions by you will entitle Third parties and/or MISMOOSH LTD to seek the appropriate legal remedy available for injunction, damages or otherwise.
    • Whilst the contents of the website are checked for accuracy, Third parties cannot be held responsible for omissions or errors or any statements made on the site. Nor is Third parties responsible for any losses incurred if information is used from the website or if accessing the site may result in viruses to your computer equipment.
    • The images on the website including trademarks can only be used with the permission of the owner.
  • As a UK registered company any disputes with MISMOOSH LTD and/or Third parties will be subject to resolution under English Law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.